Anselmi Ridge Residence

Anselmi Ridge Residence
  • Location: Pukekohe
  • Floor Area: 251m2
  • Status: Completed 2008

This home was designed and built with the aim of creating a showhome for David Reid Homes that provided an alternative design solution to their standard home range, and that would stand out amongst it's competition. 

This home features a minimal, contemporary look and feel. The box form of the top floor provides movement between the floors through the combination of a cantilever front contrasting against the positive form of the lower floor.

The stepped down living area contains a floating bay window, replicating the form of the first floor.

The introduction of battens helps to ground the house while accentuating the movement of the floating forms. An adjustable louvre screen to the first floor is carefully placed for both aesthetic and window dressing purposes, working to filter light into the interior. The home has been designed to Future Proof Building standards.